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College Etiquette

All Students shall obey the rules of the college.
They shall make every effort to keep the college campus clean and the class rooms neat and tidy.
Students attending lectures in class room or attending meetings the college campus shall maintain perfect silence.
Students getting out of a class room shall do it in an orderly manner without any noise.
Students shall handle the college properties with care and cause no willful damage to it.
Mobile phones are strictly prohibited inside the campus. If found in possession, it will be seized.
When a member of the staff enters the class-room the students shall get up and remain standing till they are requested to sit. They shall like wise stand when the staff leaves the class.
Students are expected to provide themselves with prescribed books in each subject.
Every Student shall sit in the place assigned to him / her in the classroom.
Students coming late to the class shall enter only with the permission of the concerned Head of the Department or Principal.
No notice or petition of any kind shall be circulated among the students or pasted on the notice board or anywhere within the college premises without the prior permission of the Principal.
Irregular attendance, in-subordination to teachers, habitual in attention to class work, obscenity on word or deed and such other conduct as considered detrimental to discipline will be severely dealt with.
The Principal retains the power to inflict the punishments depending on the gravity of the msitakes made by students, such as fines, withholding of term certificates, suspension or expulsion.