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Department of Economics (Allied)
Faculty Members

Dr.P.Muthumurugan, M.Sc (Math.Eco)., M.Phil., PGDPE., Ph.D., UGC-NET

Assistant Professor (SG) & Head


The Department of Economics started functioning in the year 1975. The department is offered as allied subjects (B.Com and B.A History) and Non-major electives in the major Departments. Economics will enable the students to understand Consumer behaviour, Business, Marketing, and Government. The subject helps the students to face competitive exams. Economics, at its core, is the study to evaluate alternative courses of action and how to make better choices. It develops critical thinking and problem-solving skills to make decisions. Additionally, activities like analysis of the union budget, group discussion on GDP, and other economic-related aspects will enable students to understand the real state of our economy and help the students to become strong Financial Analysts. The subject intensely focuses to make the students implement the theoretical knowledge gained in practical life.


The Department of Economics is to support the missions of the Thiruvalluvar College by:-

  1. Providing quality instruction to students to prepare them for successful careers
  2. Engaging in scholarly activity to maintain academic currency and to advance knowledge in the field of specialization of department faculty.
  3. Providing service to the College and greater community.


  1. Uphold high standards of Academic performance
  2. Respect students and provide them with quality Education
  3. Promote employment opportunities for students
  4. Interact with the greater community
  5. Sustain continues improvement and innovation


  1. Business Economics
  2. Marketing
  3. Statistics and Mathematics
  4. Entrepreneurial Development
  5. Agricultural Economics
  6. Economics for Competitive Examinations