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Department of English


Thiru.K.Jebamani Samuel,M.A.,M.Phil.,Asst.Professor & Head

Selvi.S.Quba Antonio,M.A.,M.Phil.,B.Ed.,SET.,Asst.Professor

Tmt.G.Arul Mozhi Rathiga Devi.,M.A.,M.Phil.,


Tmt.L.Muthu Selva Veni,M.A.,M.Phil.,



Tmt.E.Savitha Rajam,M.A.,M.Phil.,B.Ed.,


An MA (Master of Arts) postgraduate degree gives students the opportunity to study various fields of humanities. This includes philosophy, history, fine arts, and language. An MA in English is a great option for both local and international students.

What is an MA in English? Many programs allow students to tailor the courses according to their preferences. Those wishing to apply for an MA often need a BA in English, and international students need high scores on English language tests. Major courses may include an in-depth look at English texts, study of world Englishes, as well as historical, political, and cultural contexts of English. Some programs even consist of focused internships and apprenticeships for those seeking careers in a specific field.

English exists as today’s lingua franca. Because the language is spoken around the world and used frequently worldwide in the fields of business, technology, and science, international students have the opportunity to gain a thorough knowledge of English that opens the door to many different careers. An MA can also help people who are already employed to advance in their careers or receive a raise.

The cost of an MA program varies greatly based on the institution and the country hosting the classes. Students should research and contact specific schools for detailed information about the price.

Most people assume that becoming a high school teacher is the only future career for someone with an MA in English. While teaching is certainly an option, many other career opportunities are out there. People can choose to get involved in search engine marketing, content marketing, copywriting, journalism, technical writing, news reporting, and more. Those with an MA can also opt to move on to further education to attain a PhD.  

Students all over the world can have the same opportunities for higher education by taking online courses. Taking classes through the Internet also makes it possible for workers and caregivers to obtain an MA with flexible scheduling. You can use our database to find an institution that offers what you need. Search for your program below and contact directly the admission office of the school of your choice by filling in the lead form.