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Internal Complaint Committee (ICC)


Dr.(Major) L.Ravisankar - Principal


Arts & Humanities

Dr.L.Ravisankar - HoD, Department of English

Dr.P.Muthumurugan - HoD-In-Charge, Department of Economics

Commerce & Management

Mrs.S.Shanumuga Sundrara Natchiar - HoD, Department of Commerce

Science & Technology


Dr.K.Annadurai - HoD, Department of Mathematics

Dr.M.Kannan - Asst.Prof of Chemistry

About ICC

The Internal Complaints Committee (Discipline Committee) has been constituted to look into internal complaints and also for the maintenance of discipline on the College campus.

Aims and Objectives of the committee

The Internal Complaints Committee or the Discipline Committee has been empowered to discharge the following functions:

  1. Set the tone for maintenance of discipline on the college campus. It is the responsibility of the Discipline committee to set the rules and regulations regarding behavior of the students in the college.
  2. Devise an appropriate mechanism to ensure a peaceful and harmonious academic atmosphere in the college. Since students are coming from different socio-economic backgrounds, it is necessary to introduce a common framework for the mobility and activities of the students in the campus.
  3. The committee is authorized to look into the complaints relating to the breach of discipline, students disturbances, unlawful activities disturbing the peaceful functioning of the College, and other forms of violence among the students.
  4. The committee is also empowered to conduct enquiry on the matters of student’s indiscipline and suggest appropriate punitive and corrective measures.

Scope of the Committee

The internal Complaints Committee is an in-house mechanism to receive and address the issues of student’s indiscipline. The scope of the committee is limited to the regular students of the campus. It also has jurisdiction in those matters of indiscipline occurring outside the campus. It can conduct the enquiry and recommend punishments.

Procedure of the Committee

The Internal Complaints Committee (Discipline Committee) follows the following procedure:

  1. The committee may receive both written and oral complaints.
  2. The committee may also issue Suo moto notice.
  3. On receiving the compliant Principal, the Chairman of the committee directs the convener to convene the meeting of the discipline committee. The committee will examine the matter in detail and if there is any merit and prima facie evidence, the accused students may be placed under suspension and an enquiry committee may be constituted to conduct an enquiry on the matters.
  4. The committee will send notice to the suspended students by registered post.
  5. The accused students and the victims will be asked to appear before enquiry committee and give evidences.
  6. After having examined the documents and evidences, the committee will draw the inferences regarding the charges levelled against the accused.
  7. If the accused are found to be guilty, the committee will recommend to the Principal the measures to be initiated against them.
  8. If the charges are of a grievous nature, it will be forwarded to the Station House Officer (SHO) along with the report of the enquiry committee.

Actions/ Punishments of the Committee

The following punishments will be initiated against those students involved in matters of indiscipline

  1. Actions as per Manonmaniam Sundaranar University Students Code of Conduct Rules.
  2. Issue of warning letters.
  3. Suspension from the College.
  4. Dismissal: In the event of dismissal on the grounds of indiscipline, the T.C of the concerned student will be forwarded to the University.